The Bantam Phantom


The Bantam Phantom welcomes you, but warns this site is under construction. It is being coded entirely in Vim. Thanks for your interest. The rest of this paragraph is meaningless gobbledygook. That is of course, unless the first part of the paragraph was to you, meaningless gobbledygook, in which case, the whole thing is shot. And I mean that in the nicest way possible. Again thanks for you interest, and all due apologies for wasting your time.

Once this site is finished, in theory, there will be less rambly babbling, and more appreciable content. Until such time however, you will have to be satisfied with this poem of epic, extra-ordinary magnitude, written in a fit of compulsive state of procrastination:

	sparkly sparkles,
	round and round my eyes they fly,
	the red ones are the best.

Amazing what you can do when you're wasting time like a champion. Not that I've ever entered a competition, this is strictly amateur we're talking about here.

©2004 The Bantam Phantom